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Baby names beginning with "Y"

334 names found for "Y"   (page 2 of 7) 

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Yamal  (Hindu)
One of a Twin
Yaman  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Yameenah  (Muslim)
Variant of Yaminah: Right and Proper
Yamin  (Hebrew)
Right Hand
Yamin  (Muslim)
Towards Right
Yaminah  (Muslim)
Right and Proper
Yamini  (Hindu)
Yaminichandra  (Hindu)
Night Moon
Yamka  (Native American)
Blossom (Hopi)
Yamuna  (Indian)
From the Yamuna River
Yan  (Chinese)
Pretty Colors , Swallow Bird
Yan Tao  (Chinese)
Yana  (Hebrew)
He Answers
Yanaba  (Native American)
She Meets the Enemy
Yanamai  (Basque)
Bitter Grace
Yanamari  (Basque)
Combination of Jean and Marie
Yanamaria  (Spanish)
Bitter Grace
Yanamarie  (Spanish)
Bitter Grace
Yancy  (Native American)
Yancy  (American)
Yanis  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Yanisin  (Native American)
Ashamed (Navajo)
Yank  (Native American)
From the Name Yancy
Yanka  (Slavic)
God is Good
Yanni  (Hebrew)
Gift of God
Yannis  (Hebrew)
Gift of God
Yaphet  (Hebrew)
Good Looking (Japhet, Japheth, Yapheth)
Yaqu'  (Muslim)
Hyacinth. Sapphire
Yaqub  (Islamic)
Seizing by the Heel, Supplanting (Arabic Form of Jacob)
Yardan  (Arabic)
Yardane  (Hebrew)
Yarden  (Hebrew)
The River Jordan
Yardenah  (Hebrew)
From the River Jordan
Yardley  (English)
Of the Yard
Yardley  (English)
From the Enclosed Meadow
Yardly  (English)
From the Enclosed Meadow
Yarema  (Hebrew)
Appointed by God
Yaremka  (Hebrew)
Appointed by God
Yarkona  (Hebrew)
Yaro  (African)
Yaron  (Hebrew)
Yaryna  (Ukrainian)
Yas  (Native American)
Snow (Navajo)
Yasaar  (Muslim)
Variant of Yasar: Ease. Wealth
Yasahiro  (Japanese)
Peaceful, Calm, Wise
Yasar  (Muslim)
Ease. Wealth
Yasashiku  (Japanese)
Polite, Gentle
Yaser  (Arabic)
Yash  (Indian)
victory, glory
Yasha  (Russian)
Defends Man
334 names found for "Y"   (page 2 of 7) 

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