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Baby names beginning with "O"

666 names found for "O"   (page 13 of 14) 

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Ottar  (Norse)
Ottavia  (Italian)
Born Eighth
Ottavio  (Latin)
Born Eighth
Otthild  (German)
Fortunate Heroine
Otthilda  (German)
Fortunate Heroine
Otthilde  (German)
Fortunate Heroine
Ottila  (German)
Fortunate Heroine
Ottilia  (German)
Of the Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine
Ottilie  (German)
Elfin Spear. Can Also Be a Feminine Variant of Odo: Wealthy, or of Ottilia: of the Fatherland; Fortunate Heroine
Ottillia  (Teutonic)
Lucky Battle Maiden
Otto  (German)
Born Eighth or Wealthy
Ottokar  (German)
Happy Fighter
Ottoway  (Teutonic)
Lucky in War
Otus  (Greek)
Keen of Hearing
Otway  (Teutonic)
Lucky in War
Otylia  (German)
Fortunate Heroine
Oubastet  (Egyptian)
A Cat
Oudsiyya  (Muslim)
Glorious. Holy
Oudumber  (Hindu)
Ouida  (French)
Warrior Woman
Ouray  (Native American)
Ourra-Tul-'Ain  (Muslim)
Delight of Eye. Darling
Ourson  (French)
Little Bear
Outram  (Teutonic)
Wealthy Raven
Ova  (Latin)
Ovadiah  (Hebrew)
Serves God
Ovadya  (Hebrew)
Serves God
Ovaegir  (Norse)
Father of the Skraeling Children
Ove  (Norse)
Ove  (Celtic)
Mythical Daughter of Dearg
Oved  (Hebrew)
Overdone  (Shakespearean)
'Measure for Measure' Mistress Overdone, a Bawd
Overton  (English)
The Upper Town
Ovia  (Danish)
Ovid  (Latin)
Egg Shaped
Ovidio  (Spanish)
Owain  (Arthurian Legend)
Son of Urien
Owein  (Welsh)
Young Warrior
Owen  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Born to Nobility
Owena  (Welsh)
Feminine Form of Owen: Young Warrior. Also Can Be a Variant of Eugene: Well-born
Owin  (Celtic)
Young Fighter
Ownah  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Form of Una
Owyn  (Celtic)
Young Fighter
Owynn  (Welsh)
Wellborn. Form of Ewan
Oxa  (Anglo Saxon)
Oxford  (English)
From the Ox Ford
Oxley  (English)
From the Ox Enclosure
Oxnaford  (English)
From the Ox Ford
Oxnaleah  (English)
From the Ox Enclosure
Oxnatun  (English)
From the Ox Farm
666 names found for "O"   (page 13 of 14) 

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