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Boy Baby Names, Meanings

21074 names found for "Boy"   (page 8 of 422) 

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Abhivachan  (Hindu)
Good Word
Abhivadak  (Hindu)
One Who Salutes Respectfully
Abhivandan  (Hindu)
Salutation With Respect
Abhivandya  (Hindu)
One Who is Greeted Respectfully
Abhorson  (Shakespearean)
'Measure for Measure' an Executioner
Abi  (Biblical)
My Father
Abi-albon  (Biblical)
Most Intelligent Father
Abia  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Apia: God is My Father
Abiah  (Hebrew)
Variant of Aviah: My Father is Lord
Abiasaph  (Biblical)
Consuming Father; Gathering
Abiathar  (Biblical)
Excellent Father; Father of the Remnant
Abib  (Biblical)
Green Fruit, Ears of Corn
Abid  (Arabic)
Worshiper of Allah
Abidah  (Biblical)
Father of Knowledge
Abidan  (Biblical)
Father of Judgment
Abiel  (Hebrew)
God is My Father
Abiezer  (Biblical)
Father of Help
Abihail  (Biblical)
The Father of Strength
Abihu  (Biblical)
He is My Father
Abihud  (Biblical)
Father of Praise; Confession
Abijah  (Biblical)
The Lord is My Father
Abijam  (Biblical)
Father of the Sea
Abilene  (Biblical)
The Father of Mourning
Abimael  (Biblical)
A Father Sent from God
Abimelech  (Hebrew)
Father is King
Abinadab  (Biblical)
Father of a Vow; or of Willingness
Abinoam  (Biblical)
Father of Beauty
Abiodun  (African)
Nigerian Name Given to One Born During War
Abiola  (African)
Nigerian Name Given to One Born During the New Year
Abir  (Hebrew)
Abiram  (Biblical)
High Father; Father of Deceit
Abisai  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Apikai: Gift of God; Gift from God
Abisha  (Hebrew)
The Lord is My Father
Abishai  (Biblical)
The Present of My Father
Abishalom  (Biblical)
Father of Peace
Abishua  (Biblical)
Father of Salvation
Abishur  (Biblical)
Father of the Wall; Father of Uprightness
Abital  (Biblical)
The Father of the Dew; or of the Shadow
Abitub  (Biblical)
Father of Goodness
Abiud  (Biblical)
Father of Praise
Able  (Hebrew)
Exhalation of Breath. The Second Son of Adam in the Bible. The Variant Able is Used As an English Surname
Ablendan  (Anglo Saxon)
Abner  (Hebrew)
Father is Light, or Father of Light. The Old Testament Abner Was Saul's Cousin and Army Commander, a Clever Strategist. Abner Became Fashionable After the Reformation. 'Li'L Abner', Was the Hero of a
Abooksigun  (Native American)
Wildcat (Algonquin)
Abornazine  (Native American)
Abnaki Word for Keeper of the Flame
Abracham  (Irish)
Irish Form of Abraham
Abraham  (Biblical)
Father of a Great Multitude
Abrahamo  (Hebrew)
Variant of Abraham: Father of Many
Abrahan  (Hebrew)
Variant of Abraham: Father of Many
Abram  (Biblical)
High Father
21074 names found for "Boy"   (page 8 of 422) 

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