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Meaning of the Name Ezra

The first name Ezra is of Biblical, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: 'Help, Court'
Hebrew: Help, Helper. Famous Bearer: Ezra Was a Th Century Bc Religious Reformer in the Old Testament; American Poet Ezra Pound
Hebrew: Helper
Hebrew: Helper, Salvation (Esra, Ezri)

Similar Names

Esra | Ezer | Ezera | Ezrah | Ezri |

Related Names

Esra  (Hebrew)
Variant of Ezra: Help, Helper
Ezera  (Hebrew)
Variant of Ezra: Help, Helper
Ezrah  (Hebrew)
Help. Th Century Bc Jewish Priest and Scholar Ezra Wrote Three Biblical Books and Began Compiling and Cataloging the Hebrew Scriptures That Later Formed the Old Testament
Ezri  (Hebrew)
Variant of Ezra: Help, Helper
Hezrai  (Biblical)
An Entry or Vestibule
Hezrai  (Biblical)
An Entry or Vestibule
Jezrahiah  (Biblical)
The Lord Arises; Brightness of the Lord
Uzair  (Muslim)
The Biblical Ezra is the English Language Equivalent

Additional Names

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