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Meaning of the Name Eron

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The first name Eron is of Hebrew, Spanish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Peace, Enlightened
Spanish: Variant of Aaron Lofty or Inspired

Similar Names

Ehren | Eran | Erian | Erin | Eriyn | Ermin | Ern | Ernan | Erno | Erwin |

Related Names

Acheron  (Latin)
River of Sorrow
Acheron  (Greek)
River of Sorrow/Woe
Aerona  (Welsh)
Aleron  (French)
Aleron  (French)
Epaulet Worn by a Knight
Aleron  (Latin)
Angerona  (Latin)
Goddess of Anguish
Antonio  (Shakespearean)
'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Father to Proteus. 'The Merchant of Venice' the Merchant. 'Much Ado About Nothing' Brother to Governor of Messina. 'The Tempest' the Usurping Duke of Milan. 'Twelfth Night' (
Auberon  (English)
Variant of Aubrey: Rules With Elf-wisdom. Introduced into Britain from France by Aubrey De Vere, a Friend of William the Conquerer. De Vere's Grandson Became the Earl of Oxford
Auheron  (German)
Derived from Two Old German Words Meaning Noble and Bear-like. Auberon Was the King of the Fairies in Medieval Romance
Auheron  (French)
A Diminutive of the Old French Auberi. Auberon Was the King of the Fairies in Medieval Romance
Beronika  (Teutonic)
Cam  (Gaelic)
Diminutive of Campbell: Crooked Mouth; and of Cameron: Bent Nose; Crooked River
Cam  (Celtic/Gaelic)
From the Name Cameron
Cameron  (Scottish)
Clan Name Meaning Bent Nose
Cameron  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Bent Nose
Cameron  (Scottish)
Used As a Surname Originated from the Gaelic Nickname Cam Sron (Crooked Nose). Variations: Cam, Camey
Cameron  (Gaelic)
Crooked. from the Celtic Cameron Meaning Crooked Nose. Nickname of a Highland Chieftain With a Crooked Nose
Cameron  (Celtic)
Crooked Nose. Nickname of a Highland Chieftain With a Crooked Nose
Cameron  (Scottish)
Derives from a Scottish Surname; from the Gaelic Meaning Crooked or Bent Nose. A Common First Name in Scotland, and in Oth Century Canadian and Australian Families of Scottish Descent
Camron  (Gaelic)
Variant of Cameron: Bent Nose; Crooked River
Camron  (Scottish)
Variant of Cameron 'Bent Nose.'
Ciceron  (English)
Variant of Cicero: Chick Pea
Ciceron  (Latin)
Ciceron  (Spanish)
Deron  (Hebrew)
Deron  (Armenian)
Belongs to God
Deuteronomy  (Biblical)
Repetition of the Law
Deuteronomy  (Biblical)
Repetition of the Law
Duena  (Spanish)
Eglamour  (Shakespearean)
'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Agent for Silvia in Her Escape
Escalus  (Shakespearean)
'Measure for Measure' an Ancient Lord. 'The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet' Prince of Verona
Galeron  (Arthurian Legend)
A Knight
Geron  (German)
Guards; Guardian
Geron  (French)
Guards; Guardian
Geronimo  (Greek)
Sacred Name. Variant of the Saint's Name Jerome. Th Century American Indian Geronimo Was One of the Last of the Apache Warrior Chiefs
Geronimo  (Italian)
Italian Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Geronimo  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Gerontius  (Latin)
A Latin Version of the Greek 'Geron' Meaning Old
Gerontius  (Welsh)
Diminutive of Geraint: a Variant of the Latin Gerontius, from the Greek 'Geron' Meaning Old. Famous Bearer: Welsh Opera Singer Sir Geraint Evans
Hieronim  (Polish)
Polish Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Hieronymous  (Latin)
Hieronymus  (Greek)
Variant of Jerome: Holy Name
Hieronymus  (Latin)
Holy Name
Jerome  (Latin)
Variant of Hieronymus: Holy Name
Jeronimo  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Jerome 'saved'
Julia  (Shakespearean)
'Two Gentlemen of Verona' a Lady of Verona, Beloved of Proteus
Julia  (Latin)
Young. The Feminine Form of Julius. A Character in Shakespeare's Play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'
112 names found for "Eron"   (page 1 of 3) 

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