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Meaning of the Name Chandra

The first name Chandra is of Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hindu: Moon Goddess
Hindu: Moon
Hindu: Moon
Indian: moon
Sanskrit: Dignified; of the Moon
Hindu: Variant of Chand: Shining Moon
Indian: Moon

Similar Names

Chander | Candra | Cantara | Casandra | Cassandra | Chandara | Chandria | Chantrea | Chaundra | Cundry |

Related Names

Abhichandra  (Hindu)
Beautiful Moon
Balachandra  (Hindu)
Rising Moon
Balachandra  (Indian)
young moon
Chandra Gowri  (Hindu)
Name of Chandravati and Gowridev
Chandrabha  (Hindu)
Variant of Chand: Shining Moon
Chandrahas  (Indian)
bow of Shiva
Chandrak  (Hindu)
Variant of Chand: Shining Moon
Chandrak  (Indian)
peacock feather
Chandrakant  (Hindu)
Variant of Chand: Shining Moon
Chandraki  (Hindu)
Chandraki  (Indian)
Chandraraj  (Hindu)
Moon King
Chandrashekhar  (Indian)
one who holds moon in his hair knot (Shiva)
Eashwara Chandra  (Hindu)
Shiva Adorned by Chandra
Ekaveer  (Hindu)
A King of Chandravamsha
Gaganachandra  (Hindu)
The Moon in the Sky
Harischandra  (Indian)
Name of a King
Hemachandra  (Indian)
golden moon
Hemachandra  (Hindu)
Golden Moon
Lalitchandra  (Indian)
beautiful moon
Madhuchandra  (Hindu)
Honey Moon
Nagachandra  (Hindu)
Name of a Poet
Naveenachandra  (Hindu)
Moon in the Sky
Poornachandra  (Hindu)
Full Moon
Udayachandra  (Hindu)
Rising Moon
Yaminichandra  (Hindu)
Night Moon

Additional Names

Quincy | Russell | Ulla | Graegleah | Adal | Delia | Tomos | Jaakobah | Chios | Isi | Fielding | Adnan | Joi | Sanbourne | Zaid |